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Terms of use for this site and it's contents.

First of all I must make it clear that I have this website to share my thoughts, my efforts, my ideas and whatever else I can think you might like, with you, all of you. However, what I share with you, is intended for your personal use or enjoyment or enlightenment or even befuddlement, if you share it with someone else please don't represent it as your own work and at least include an authors mention.

General Terms

You are free to download anything publicly available from this site for your own personal use. Any third party downloads are subject to the terms of use of the respective authors. The overall, but not complete content of this site is created by me Bruce Flanagan, and therefore is governed by the following restrictions of use. You may view, copy, download or store whatever you feel inclined to do so as long as it remains for your personal use. You may alter or modify as you see fit as long as it remains for your sole personal use.


Under the terms of this statement redistribution is defined as providing access to the content of this site in any form other than a direct link to this site in it's whole without  prior permission. Any other use is prohibited. Nothing on this site may be reproduced or redistributed for any reason other than personal use. You are free to link to my site, but not to any individual file or its contents.
If you choose to link to a specific section of my site please specify that you are linking to my site, do not imply that you are the author of my work. If you make any modifications or alterations to my work do not in any way shape or form represent them as my work unless you indicate that they are modified from my work.


Enjoy what I have to offer, but if you choose to share it or post it or publish it else ware ask first, and please include a link to this site and maybe a mention of the author. I don't think that's too much to ask for, do you?


My Hippo critic acknowledgment

I must admit that there are elements of this website that were not created by me, especially the wav file collections files.
The files were collected from various resources. Whenever possible I have mentioned the author if known for the files provided.