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getting setup

First things first, What's Pirch?

First thing after the setup is to go to the server window

then to the login screen to make the changes "stick"

then its off to the chat room to join in on the fun!

What, you don't have Pirch Yet?
Downloads are available here.

Now its time to Customize!

Make Pirch work for you {with a little work from you}



What's Pirch?
If you're not familiar with the program called Pirch
then you came to the right place to learn since we are all
learning what this great program can do together.

Pirch is not just a normal chat program,
its a very powerful yet easy to use chat tool.

With Pirch you can not only chat with old and new friends,
you can do it with style!

You can show picture in the form of "popups" to help express what you feel
you can also play sounds like midi's wav's mp3's etc.
and the whole room will hear them, and if someone else plays
a sound that you have you will hear it too, and if you don't hear it,
it can be sent to you automatically, without you having to ask.

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A view of the login window
this is the login window

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To set up a new "profile" that you will use whenever you start Pirch,

the Login screen will let you keep your favorite setting,

Simply click on the login button to get started.

then when you're done be sure to save it.

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a view of the server window
the server window  where it all starts!

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A view of the room if you are using Pirch32
a view of the room  {it used to be this spacious :<)    }

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Well you did it. good work,  now what?

once you're in, join in on the show and feel free to chat,

play your own popups or sounds or ask us anything.

we are here to have fun  but we love to help too.

Then when you decide to setup "custom" popup menus,

Click here for a lesson on editing those right click menus.

And if you want to store your files where you want to store them
and not in the default folders that pirch uses,
or if you want to automaticaly open certain file types with your favorite viewer
for example open mp3s with winamp or jpgs with irview etc...
Click here
to see an anotated image that can help you figure out the download extention map

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So you don't have Pirch yet huh?
Well I have a couple of versions and some basic add-ons

Pirch is a pretty old program dating back to as early as Windows 95,
but it still works well with Windows 98, Windows me, Windows XP and maybe even Windows Vista.
I have never tested it on Windows NT,  2K, Server (any version), or Windows Vista, but it should work.

Start out with Pirch32 or Pirch98
This will give you the basic program that you can build on and customize.
Many people prefer Pirch32 because it's more stable,
but others prefer Pirch98 because of improvements and some new options.
your call and if you don't like one, uninstall it and install the other version.
I used Pirch32 for a few years but last used Pirch98.

Then you can install "add-ons" to make Pirch even better.
Pirchling is a good start if you choose to install Pirch32.
Pirchling98 is a good start if you install Pirch98.
pik4b+.exe will add
allot more features to either version of Pirch.
pik-4-98.exe Will add even more features but only works well with Pirch98.

Both of the Pirchling add-ons are good basic "scripts",
but both of the Pik4 Add-ons will give you allot more popups and user controls.
Don't forget that in the IRC world, "Popups" are good not bad.

There are many other "add-ons" or "scripts" out there on the web, you just have to look for them.

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I hope this page has been helpfull and informative. If you have any other questions, google the words pirch or IRC or pik4.