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Facebook has the built in chat tool but no menu for the emoticons or smilies that it uses.
Here is a simple list of the supported emoticons for you to use while chatting on Facebook.

Facebook Chat Emoticons

facebook-chat-emoticons-smiler   :)

facebook-chat-emoticons-bigsmile  :D

facebook-chat-emoticons-cat-smile  :3

facebook-chat-emoticons-happy-eyes   ^_^

facebook-chat-emoticons-wink  ;)

facebook-chat-emoticons-sad   :(

facebook-chat-emoticons-errr :/

facebook-chat-emoticons-crying  :(

facebook-chat-emoticons-aiya  >:o

facebook-chat-emoticons-doh   >:-(

facebook-chat-emoticons-wink-kiss   :*

facebook-chat-emoticons-tongue   :p

facebook-chat-emoticons-pacman  :v

facebook-chat-emoticons-gasp   :o

facebook-chat-emoticons-woot   O.o

facebook-chat-emoticons-angel   o:)

facebook-chat-emoticons-devil  3:)

facebook-chat-emoticons-sunglasses   8-|

facebook-chat-emoticons-glasses   8)

facebook-chat-emoticons-heart  <3

facebook-shark-emoticon  (^^^)

facebook-chat-penguin-emoticon   <(")


facebook-chat-emoticons-robot  :|]

facebook-chat-emoticons-putnam  :putnam:

These are all of the Facebook chat emoticons that are currently available.

You can also click on the download link above to save this list to your computer.

The Facebook Chat list on your desktop - Click to download