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100% Money Back Guarantee!*
We hope that you enjoy these ringtone's and graphics, but there is no way that we can guarantee that they will work on all cell phones.

Not all phones support the media provided, so make sure your phone supports the media you choose to download.
Download at your own risk!

You can preview all content at www.flan4u.com/cell/ on your pc before downloading to your phone or other device.

Unless you have an unlimited data access plan or the like, you may be charged by your carrier for the files you download based on size and maybe for connection fees, so read your service providers contract before downloading anything to your cell phone or any other device.

Most pages that you view here are formatted to reduce load time and data usage, but keep in mind that viewing a page, even without downloading any files, will apply to your data access plan, so viewing any page may cost you money depending on your plan.

We do not charge for these files, and we are not responsible for any charges incurred by you on your cellular provider's bill for data usage or web access.

Have a great day, and download responsibly.

1 100% Money Back Guarantee applies only to fees charged by flan4u.com, not the fees incurred by you through your service provider for accessing this site or downloading anything from this site or any other expenses.
These free, files are provided "as-is", however if any file downloaded is proven to be faulty in materials or workmanship during the 90 second warranty period it will be replaced free of charge excluding shipping and handling or data usage charges.
All items returned within the warranty period are subject to a 20% restocking fee. For large files, you may be responsible for additional packing or "Zipping" fees.
Any files returned beyond the 90 second warranty period will be subject to a $10.00 processing fee and extensive testing to determine if a flaw exists before a credit will be issued if a flaw is discovered. The definition of a "flaw" is determined at our sole discretion on  a case by case basis.

Additional Information
Checks are only accepted with 3 forms of ID and a copy of your living will or a declaration of intent to pay from your bank or mortgage holder.
Third party checks are not accepted unless they are endorsed by Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. All others will be refused.

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