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Hi there, I'm Bruce Flanagan
I hope that you like the site and that you learn a little bit about me

Self portraits Suck! I don't look like that!
Note: That's not gray hair,
it's just camera flair,
yea, that's it, it's Camera flair.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Why am I here?
I am here to have fun  but I love to help and learn too.
Helping people help themselves is so rewarding.

This website is here to share my thoughts and ideas and experiences and to share what I have learned while building this site and rebuilding my life.

Why are you here?
Let me know at my forum

I have included a couple poems for you, 
I hope you like them.

Renewal by Bruce Flanagan

Renewal in a whole new light

Sunny Days by Bruce Flanagan


Final Inspection

Taliban Love

Don't forget to check out my blog,
I mean forum.
Doesn't "forum" sound better than "blog"?

Who I Am

I am 42 years old and separated from my soon to be ex-wife since 2006. We had been married for 16 years.

I am re-learning my passion for travel and discovery and knowledge.

I love camping and exploring new places.
I'm getting back on the bike {bicycle} again after a 15 year hiatus.
I enjoy riding, but for now those 70 mile "day trips" like I used to do,
will be postponed until further notice.

I thoroughly enjoy "playing" on the computer and learning what I can make it do.
And more important, what it can do for me, my life or my work.

I have been a carpenter for 21 years, but I recently broke free from that line of work.
I am currently working in the RV business.
not as a carpenter or mechanic or tech, but in the parts and service departments office.
Quite a transition from what I was doing, but oh so soothing to the mind, body and soul.
If I never have to sheath another roof in the snow, or dig another trench in the rain again,
That's OK with me!

Life is for the living and I was killing myself slowly.
You can work to survive, or you can work to live.
I choose to live!

Funny story, don't laugh!
I aged two years recently, Here's how.

My boss and I were both 38 years old with birthdays coming up for each of us in the near future. When his birthday arrived not long before mine, he was turning 39, I was still only 38 so of course I gave him a light hearted ribbing since he was now older than I was. He didn't appreciate it too much, but we laughed it off. A bit later I got to thinking,  my birthday was coming up in a week or so, Hmmm, I was born in 1967, it's now 2007, that makes me  what?,  40?, no that can't be right! I even checked with a calculator... the damn thing must have been broken because it told me the same thing. OOPS! I'm 40! 
Now to prove how stupid I can be,     I told my boss what I had realized.
He finally stopped razzing me a week or so later.

PS if anyone finds my lost year let me know. I want it back.



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I was surprised to see how many countries have visited this site.
See for yourself


For me I think this says it all!   Yes my preference is most definately Internet Explorer  :<)
I'm starting to adjust my preferences.
You may see a Firefox logo here soon.

OK, since the release of Firefox 2,
and the release of the pathetic IE 7,
I am now recommending Firefox,
but I still like the image above :<)

Firefox. Destined to be the new king of the road.


Support our troops, or surrender our stars!

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